AI for Healthcare that integrates into EMR workflows.

KenSci's platform is built for healthcare by teams of doctors, data scientists and engineers who understand the complex needs of health systems and know how to make the most of data. Leading health systems, governments and educational hospitals trust KenSci and our predictive insights.

See how KenSci's platform is bringing healthcare AI to the forefront and allowing health systems to tap into the pool of existing data to intervene early and improve quality of care, at better costs. 

Download KenSci's Overview 

A product of over 5 years of intense research

KenSci is the product of extensive research and over five years of academic incubation before we became the risk prediction platform that is helping care providers and payers save lives and costs. In the course of this journey, several of the experts at KenSci have co-authored multiple research papers that have allowed us to identify the gaps in healthcare and use machine learning to solve these problems. 

Gain access to all of KenSci's research

Download the compilation of all KenSci's research to see the fundamentals that allow us to build models that are saving millions of lives across the globe. In this document, you will gain access to: 

  • All the Research papers authored by KenScientists 

  • Critical research that forms the framework of how we build and train our modules 

  • Award winning and industry recognized research presented at some of the biggest events