"I've heard so much about Machine Learning, but as a provider, I'm still not sure its for me..."

If this thought has ever crossed your mind, this infopaper from KenSci in partnership with Microsoft is for YOU. 
Hear from three experts in data science, healthcare and business on why you need Machine Learning to augment your clinical and operational decision making within your healthcare organization today. See what they have to say, and interact with this infopaper to share your thoughts and views on how Machine Learning for Healthcare will positively impact you. 
In this infoaper, you will be able to:
  • Understand the different areas of healthcare where Machine Learning can play a critical role 
  • Hear exciting views on how this will make an impactful difference in your organization
  • See the quickest path to implementation and operationalization of ML
  • Read broad stories of some organizations who have implemented ML platforms within their health systems
See how you can get started, and provide better patients experiences by aligning to the quadruple aim. 
Interested in learning more about Machine Learning in healthcare? You can download the compilation od KenSci's research to see the various areas that have a positive impact using ML. Click below.